Tuesday, November 2

Dip Dyed Halloween

Here are the results of two things that I've dip dyed in the last week: my hair and jean shorts a la Dries Van Norton's S/S 2011 collection. I think they both turned out quite nicely. Some tips you ask? Well as for the shorts, they took a good 3 hours of soaking to get to the almost white color shown in these photos. I used a light denim short (shown in the top right photo and the second row photo here), but I would suggest using a darker denim if you want a more dramatic effect. I would also recommend putting less of the shorts into the bleach than you actually want to strip the color from because capillary action will be sure to creep up on you. For a minute I thought these shorts were going to turn out white all the way through. Other than that, have at it! I would love to see all of your attempts, so be sure to send me some photos. 

Ok I won't lie- I didn't dip dye my hair. I sprayed it starting at the bottom and ended up running out... so this is what I got. But I had fun with it anyways :)

It was for Halloween, I was Poison Ivy (see the hat trying to cover up the roots)

And we were all DC comics characters.
Happy November!


  1. I was sitting here envying your lighter-hair's ability to be dip dyed until you confessed it was a spray. Still fun while it lasts, tho.
    Great costumes!

  2. Its great to see it worked, and love the hair!

  3. nice halloween costume, and I love what you did to your hair!

  4. Your Hair and Your Shorts are TDF, AMAZING!!!

    You go girl!!!!!!!


  5. Is it weird that I think you should keep your hair like that all the time? It looks hot.

  6. That looks amazing....must try!!!!!

  7. I think you gave me something to do with my stash of free mom jeans.

    your hair looks hot!


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