Monday, October 25

On My To Do List: Dip Dye

From the S/S 2011 collection by Dries Van Norton, I bring you the most simplistic and cutting edge DIY thus far; dip dyed denim. I've actually been experimenting a lot with fabric dying and bleaching lately, so this fits quite well into my list of upcoming projects. I suggest collecting a few things to play with before you decide to waste a half gallon of bleach on one garment. And don't be afraid to get into some other interesting fabrics and colors either. I'm on a yellow kick at the moment. I just died a white silk blouse a gorgeous bright sunshine yellow, and bleached an olive green cotton nightgown to a warm light-orange hue (you never know what bleach will do to colors- this piece went from olive green to red to almost yellow... go figure). At any rate, this is one of the best ways to revamp your wardrobe. I just bought some olive green and gunmetal gray dyes for the upcoming winter months, and will no doubt be back at the store very soon for more bleach. Check back soon for photos of the aforementioned projects.
PS I have a handful of treasures I've recently picked up that I'm dying to share but haven't had time to photograph. Big bio psych exam tomorrow, then I'm back on it :)


  1. Good luck on your test..psyche!
    And I am looking forward to your next d.i.y. dye.

  2. if you pull this off you are god, the sleeves on that jacket are to die for


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