Thursday, October 28

Nasty Gal Vintage Halloween

Although I've had my costume idea for over a month now, and all the components for over a week, my execution is far behind schedule (meaning it hasn't started). If you're in the same scenario or worse, think about putting together a cute and simple (and cheap and easy!) vintage back up costume inspired by Nasty Gal. Here are their top 5 ideas so far:
#1: Stevie Nicks

#2: Cher Horowitz

#3: The Craft

#4: Amelia Earhart
(This is such a great idea. I was Tank Girl a few years back, so I'm sure I could whip up an Amelia Earhart pretty quickly if anyone needs some costume pieces... otherwise I'm keeping this idea in mind for next year)
#5: Scream Queens


  1. Hi! I saw your comment on Avalonne's blog. :) Love this post! I love finding cool new blogs. Check out the giveaway I'm hosting! Thanks :)

    nancy at sway report

  2. Yes! I love these ideas..I wanna be a gold dust woman!

  3. Good suggestions. You're costume was too awesome. I am kinda jealous. Also, tank girl rocks!

  4. Great tips and ideas girlfriend, so which look did you go for?
    Wishing you a LOVELY day ahead :))


  5. How much did I love The Craft? No sleepover was complete without it. We used to try the levitation thing every time too... "light as a feather, stiff as a board"! Never worked...

    Crafty Nell


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