Saturday, September 25

Trend or Tragedy

What do you guys think about the ankle strap over the pants look? Personally, it reminds me a bit too much of the dreaded velcro pant straps made to keep bicyclists' pants away from their greasy chain. Fortunately there are things like chain guards and skinny jeans to help me (and you!) steer clear of this fashion faux pa (I apologize to any of you non-cycle chic bikers out there, but it's the truth).
Then again, the sock/ open toed anything originally turned me off faster than a gorilla juice head from jersey shore, but now I fully condone this trend, so you really never know. (I just hope this isn't foreshadowing any future involvement with juice heads.)

Tiny Lights, Google Images


  1. the chronic nerd in me has always loved the sock/sandal mix, but I'm not so sure about the ankle strap over the pants. why? well, it's completely impractical, and silly looking. the sock/sandal on the other hand = naive and youthful.

    i say let's start a new trend! how about platform sperry top-siders?

  2. not into it and I'm still iffy on the socks sandal trend..sometimes it works/sometimes not. I love the platform sperry topsider idea though:)awesome
    oh and I'm working on a post about the meetup right now:)

  3. I think platform top-siders would hit too close to home a little too soon. My childhood was filled with platform sneakers like these:
    ... scary. I can't believe someone actually bought these off etsy by the way.

  4. ugh strap around pants?
    not cool
    socks with open toes... it can work

  5. Wow! Picture just super! Take away !!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3


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