Sunday, September 26

DIY: Instant Antique

Yesterday I decided to take up a little mini do-it-yourself project by Kelly from The Glamourai.  With some shiny rhinestone whatnots from the old jewelry box, some sharpies, and some Q-tips, you can easily turn your bling bling into something a little more wearable.
Some things I did differently:
- Instead of just using brown and black sharpies (which ended up being a little too pink for my taste), I also used a mustard yellow sharpie to get that antique brown I was going for. 
- I also lined all of the sides of the bracelet and prongs with a black sharpie to darken the overall look. I think this was key since the original piece was such a bright silver.

Here I've added the yellow up to where the bracelet splits off into the center piece. You can see how the center is more pinky than the rest:

Here you can see where I've colored in the sides of the bracelet with a black sharpie:

And the finished product:


  1. Amazing!! What a gorgeous DIT, thanks for sharing Natalie.

    ps; so sad I missed ya'll at the blogger meetup on Sunday!

  2. Did you happen to notice the spelling mistake, word misplacement, and font size mishap? No more blogging late at night for me...

  3. This is fabulous! I have a bracelet just like that in my jewelry box that could stand a little sharpie attention.

  4. AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it soooooooooo muchhhhh!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo, j

  5. looks great, can't wait to try it!


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