Tuesday, October 12

Do It Yourself Everything

I just stumbled across this blog, A Pair and A Spare, and have been thus far overwhelmed with projects to put on my cold weather to-do list. This London dweller posts about anything she sees fit to DIY; whether or not she actually takes on the project is a whole different story. I like it this way because it gives the reader more room for creativity in their execution of the project, as well as more options of tasks to actually take on... A LOT more. I also love her imagination. This girl can see a photo and instantly think of how it can be done at home. It's genius really. And not only does she propose ideas to her readers for DIY projects, she also does her own. Huzzah! Be sure to check her out here.
Here are some recent projects of hers that I hope to complete (quite the daunting task seeing that more project inspiration is likely being posted right now... it'll never stop!):

Embellished jacket (my last year's jacket will soon be just like new)

Suspender tights (I don't know how well this will work... but might as well give it a whirl with a pair that's going in the trash anyways)

Leather shift top (leather from the boyfriend's garage- check)

Clear pvc cape (my attempt at making it though the winter on bike)

Red balayage hair (perfect for my Poison Ivy Halloween costume)

Ribbon cut out shirt dress (using a sewing machine is a bit unrealistic at this point, but a girl can dream)

Doily shoulders (an adorable and simple little task)

Scarf neck bow (another simple yet chic one)

Safety pin design (fun, interchangeable, why not?)

Spray dye (I've been thinking about doing something like this ever since I saw this dress at Madewell)

Leather pocket dress (perfect use of scraps from the above top)

Lace trim skirt (duh)

Ferrero Rocher ring tray (lovely excuse to buy a box of chocolates)


  1. I love that spray dye top! tie dye and spray dye are my fav :)

  2. I love the doily shoulders - i really love anything with lace actually. Great post! I <3 DIY!

  3. So many d.i.y.'s to try. I like the safety pin project...now that's a whole lot of pins! And the doily is great. I hand sewed some on the belly of t-shirts before but I like the shoulder pad placement.

  4. Thanks for your lovely post about my blog - glad to see I have inspired you. The clear cape is my favourite!




  5. I love this!
    Although I don't have leather from the boyfriend, I'll have to find some and have a go at the shift top.

  6. I'm gonna go buy a box of chocolates right now ... for the ring tray of course ...

  7. WOW, thanks for sharing, I LOVE em all :))


  8. Love, Love, Love everything about this!

  9. How funny! I bought a shirt at forever 21 with doilys on the shoulders, then my friend Liz at http://srslyliz.com/ did a diy on it. I just wish I'd been the smart one who made it, not paid for it.... :( oh well!


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