Wednesday, October 6

Backstage Details at Alexander McQueen sans McQueen

Alexander McQueen's assistant of almost 15 years, Sarah Barton, now creative director of Alexander McQueen, has outdone herself with the Spring 2011 collection debuted yesterday in Paris. The first since McQueen's suicide this last spring, this earthy pagan inspired runway show lightened and brightened the moods of both those most close to McQueen, as well as fashion followers around the world. I'm pleased to see that Barton's ideas have merged so well with McQueen's renowned work, and can thus be honored and carried on into the future. 

Vogue, Go Backstage


  1. I viewed this collection just today, and LOVED it! Oh the pretty dresses!
    So edgy while remaining sweetly feminine.

  2. Love love love the collection! also i thought the weaving of the hair was pretty cool!


  3. I am stunned by the greatness of what she did. McQueen was and is will always be my favorite artist that walked this earth. My heart still hangs heavy for him. Great post!


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