Wednesday, July 21

Crimson and Clover Part II

Last week when I was at Crimson and Clover, I decided to accidentally leave my belt in their dressing room. I say "decided" because I think it was fate. When I went back yesterday to pick up my lost belt, I was inundated with loads of new stuff: shoes, jewelry, sunglasses. I think I might start leaving items of clothing in dressing rooms more often... it's a great excuse to check up on the new inventory :) 

 $5 fakes- I bought one pair of Ray Bans and lost them in a month, 
and have thus committed myself to only purchasing knock-offs.

  $8 amazing white leather basket weave oxfords

And in brown too! Plus they've been resoled, which is always nice.


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  1. love those shoes. the woven detail is so cute.



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