Tuesday, July 20

California Worldfest

This past weekend I was lucky enough to find myself under the hot Grass Valley sun listening to some amazing music at Worldfest. My boyfriend and I went together the first summer that we met in 2007, and were lucky enough to make it back after 3 years. Everyone say, "awwww." Hahaha :) 

Here are some photos I took during the festival:

Our (very successful) hammock

Hot & tired bodies


Neighbor friends' awesome van

Dirty feetsies

Dirty hair

Dirty boyfriend


And good morning


Grass Valley folk

Worldfest performances

My personal favorites

California Worldfest


  1. Looks like a great time. I particularly am fond of the wake-up goose pic, and several of the dancer's moments. And you could have left the dirty feetsies out, but then I wouldn't have gotten the FULL feel (or feet) of WorldFest.

  2. Those are nothing! I chose to leave out the X rated feet photos for the sake of the readers :)

  3. I love yr photo's...looks like the festival was alot of fun:)

  4. thank you for your sweet words & for checking out my interview. i would love to follow each other :) i now follow you!

    Anna Katrina


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