Sunday, August 21

Make It Hard

Apparently Helmut Lang didn't get the message. I would have gladly taken his archive of past collections off his hands. Instead, he choose to pulverize 25 years of work, pigment and resin, creating what looks like paper mache birch trees molded with soup cans. Art? I guess. Waste? Absolutely.

Lang reveals his inspiration in an interview with Dazed Digital. “In February 2010, after a fire in the building where our studio in New York is located, which could have destroyed the rest of the archive, and after going for months through the pieces to see in which condition they are, I slowly became intrigued by the idea of destroying it myself and use it as raw material for my art. ‘Make It Hard’ is literally the transition from soft to solid, and there is also a sexual reference implied.”

via Dazed Digital

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