Monday, November 15

Kate Moss vs Kate Moss

Anyone that claims they don't love seeing fashion icons, models, actors, etc. in the raw is straight up lying. It creates the illusion that the distance between us and them has shrunk ever so slightly, as futile and short lived as it may be. So when self service magazine came out with their 33rd edition showcasing Kate Moss raw and uncut, I was obviously chomping at the bit to get my hands on some of the photos. And with Valisere Lingerie's 2010 campaign outing itself just a few weeks before, I had some great photoshopped dirt to compare it to. So let's look at the two side by side (or top to bottom). My personnel favorite is this first photo channeling Janis Joplin. Hot.
Fashionising, FGR


  1. The first one is a great shot! I love the fifth one too. Undies, fur and cigarettes: Life of a model?
    Neat idea to compare the edited photos with the home photos. She's a pretty girl and it's a shame that most people will only see that photoshopped version of her. I feel like in the raw photos she seems so fun-loving, happy and quirky!

  2. as she casually sits nude in a park with a shawl, actually, shes casually nude most of the time. i love the first and fifth also :)


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