Friday, September 10


We all know that leopard is the number one print of the season, but do we all know how to wear it? I, for one, need some inspiration on how to incorporate this trend into my autumn wardrobe without looking like one of my last years' Halloween costumes:

 Or worse: 

And so I am here to present you with far too many photos of "leopinspiration," if you will. What I've gathered from my research is that less is more; one leopard printed item at a time is it. That's where the above photos went wrong (I also have cat ears on, which you can't see, which is obviously very wrong). Lucky for you (and me) designers' lines have been overflowing with this print, which will make it much easier for us all to pick up on the trend.

So here goes the flurry of photos. First is outerwear, the most classic and user-friendly (yet still packing a punch) way to go:


Next along is dresses and tops. I'm still not convinced that the leopard skirt is okay, so I'm not condoning it. Prove me wrong.

Shoes (duh) because it's hard to go wrong with a leopard printed shoe:

And accessories, for the more mild-tempered (in a good way) trendsetter:


In conclusion, I want to make one more statement. Go fake. Look at this little guy. 

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  1. I have this leopard peacoat that I was going to sell but after your post I think I have to keep it!

  2. I'm simply loving leopard print coats!

  3. Great post. Thanks for getting me the link! Also, I love the public service announcement about fake fur-- it's definitely the way to go!


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