Wednesday, September 22

Your home closet is where the heart is.

Shame on me for not posting for a week- but shame on you if you don't take up this comfy cozy fall trend. Since the birth of recycled "grandpa" sweaters years ago, I've been delightfully snuggling close to cashmere and wool at every chance I get. After thoroughly  raiding both my mother and father's closets, not to mention almost every local thrift store, for those not-too-moth-eaten pieces, I think I'm ready for fall weather. I cringe when I say these words, because as much as I love fall's cool nights, I despise winter's frozen death traps. But I digress, not everything can be perfect.

And so with this, I bring you my favorite closet finds:

My favorite thrifted treasures:

And my get-in-my-closet-right-now wish list:

TopShop, UO


  1. Okay you are a-dorable. So happy you came to stitch swap, and even happier you brought cute stuff ;)

    We should probably be friends.

  2. I love the gray cardigan, great collection!

  3. Great post. I'm so happy it's almost sweater season.


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