Wednesday, September 29

Fashion Blogger Meet-Up Part II- The Goods

I was so overwhelmed with the people and places of Sacramento's first blogger meet up, that I completely forgot to post about my gifts and findings! As soon as I arrived at Crimson and Clover, I was handed a cute little gift bag filled with wonderful goodies, and a gorgeous ring from Kara and Nicole (which was great because I had bought one of their rings a few weeks before and it feel off while I was riding my bike- so now I have a new one that fits even better!). After meeting and chatting with all the girls, I promptly went inside to go shopping (and get out of the heat). Here it was I found:
 Striped sweater- California Trends
 Linen skirt- Boston Traveler

 Babydoll top- Shadowline

 ID tag bracelet

(There was chocolate too, but obviously that's long gone)

Make sure to check out the other blogger's posts as well. There are many more photos to be shared by photographers slightly (aka extremely) more professional than I :)

Chantel and Laura of Girls on the Grid here
Bella of The Citizen Rosebud here and here
Lisa of Starship Narcissus here
Melody of It's All Happening here
And of course, Kara and Nicole of Crimson and Clover here


  1. I love the second and third outfits a lot! The babydoll top is very nice :)

  2. thanks for posting about the meet-up and linking to my blog. It was great meeting you, so jealous of your finds!

  3. So pretty, love the skirt! Thank you for your comment and birthday wishes! You do not look any older than I am BTW :) I feel like we are all 21 inside until we hit about 50, then we're really old
    just kidding...I think


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