Wednesday, August 25

Nudie Jeans F/W 2010

Nudies, nudies, nudies... where to start. Like your dad's old arm chair in your childhood living room, nudies fit like a glove, literally. They call it "second skin," I call it perfection. Why hasn't anyone else brought dry denim to the scene you ask? Well, because "better" things like pre-broken in whisker washes and jeggings have come along instead.
Nudies are like the new and enhanced original Levi's. Made with dark, raw, and unwashed denim, they're made to be (or rather, become) very unique. They suggest that you don't wash your jeans for a good 6 months, if not longer. If you're like me (or any normal person) and don't wear the same jeans every day, they suggest not washing for even longer. Are they for real? People will really go over 6 months without washing their pants, especially while wearing every day!? Ick. I thought a couple weeks was bad... But I digress, because in the end, I really just want some. Here's to you Nudie, you have won.

Consider taking a browse around the Nudie Jeans website- you might be pleasantly surprised. With amazing fit guides and videos like this, you just might want some for yourself as well.


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