Friday, August 27


In honor of Chanel's latest trio of polishes scheduled to debut September 10th at Fashion's Night Out...

I'll be giving you some more cost friendly alternatives that you can get your hands on NOW! No need to delay gratification here. In lieu of waiting 2 weeks and paying $25 for these ever so sought after khakis, let's take a look at some of the other earthy toned fish in the sea:

Go dirt cheap (literally, they cost $1) with E.L.F. From the top left: Smokey Brown, Desert Haze, & Innocent.
Sally Hansen's fall line 2009 line is pretty middle of the road ($7.99). From the left: Evening Fog, Fedora, Wet Clay, Touch of Mink, & Bittersweet.

Or splurge a little. I adore last years line of polishes from RGB. From the top left: Haze, Steel, Toast, & Slate. I especially love the steel, and hope it's truly as green as it shows in this photo.

I also highly recommend Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. I have it. It's beautiful. Get some.

Dolce Vanity, Google Images


  1. Man, that Chanel business just looks classy. They could sell anything in those sleek and chic bottles.

    I can't wear polish, so I'll just enjoy all the pictures of hands with varnish. purty.


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