Saturday, August 28

Clog Boo Boos

I suppose it's what I get for riding my bike in wooden heels. I'm not really complaining, I actually think it gives my clogs some character. I've never been afraid to scuff up a good pair of shoes; not when I was a kid (obviously, I was very much so a tom boy) nor in the last few years of my growing shoe obsession (although I still get a little bummed when it's a bad ding). It's just how I show my love. Some people hide it in boxes, but I'm a bit of a show-off; I take it out on the town. 

Besides, how could I be upset with a cute little culprit like this guy?



  1. that is good living. my shoes are always a bit hacked up. it's my pedestrian lifestyle. great clogs by the way. and yes that bike is a very cute culprit.

  2. that is a good spirit-- don't hide them or try and immortalise them. let them experience life the way you do!

  3. Oh my goodness, those boots are so cute! <3


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