Wednesday, July 7

Weekend Finds

Towards the end of last week, I noticed what looked like a garage sale/ lawn sale/ sidewalk sale right next door to one of my neighborhood markets. Looking like a bunch of junk, I rode by bike by multiple times Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, before my boyfriend and I decided we might as well take a look at was was left on Sunday afternoon. Boy did I luck out. I found 3 gorgeous leather purses within minutes, and my boyfriend found an amazing wool sweater adorned with a cute little pheasant. I glanced around for the owner of this "junk" but saw no one, so I went inside of the gate, up to the front door, and rang the doorbell, and it was here that I was told that everything left was free... free! "Are you sure?" I said, I couldn't believe my ears. Yes, she was sure. Fuck yes. Here are my finds:
 Vintage brown leather Coach purse- needs some major refinishing, but totally worth it
Vintage Ann Klein for Oroto small black leather purse- a little conditioner and we're set
 Vintage LAND leather bag with cute coin purse- good to go!
Outback Red wool sweater from the 80's- possibly a woman's sweater, but who cares :)


  1. love the vintage coach bag!

  2. great finds!!! i used to work at coach in college...they have lifetime guarantees on their bags. you can take it in and pay $20 (or whatever it is now for the shipping) and they will fix it/condition it/whatever for you! Hopefully they still do this, it's been 3 years since I worked there.

    And you are definitely a luck gal b/c that bag is still sold under their classics. But you go the better end of the bargain...vintage MUCH better than brand new but looks old :)

  3. apparently i can't finish words...LUCKY gal and you GOT the better end of the bargain..and vintage IS

    wow, sometimes I worry about myself hah!!

  4. Wow thanks for the info! Seems like a got a better deal than I even knew :) I will definitely be making my way to a coach store this week.


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