Thursday, July 22

Fashion Savy Weather Meter

Check out this weather forecaster that gives you an idea of the temperature based on the recommended length of sleeve: long, short, or tank. It's simple. And it's pretty fucking accurate. Try 99502 for Anchorage, AK, 85002 for Pheonix, AZ, or 94112 for San Francisco, CA.

 Click here to check your fashion forecast.

The only thing they're missing? Nude, for those unbearably hot days. 

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  1. SO SO cute!!! Love this post!!! :)), xoxo

  2. What a flippin awesome website! Thanks!
    xo Lynzy

  3. love these pics!

  4. What a simple yet amazing idea! Unfortunately for me, I never dress according to weather so it would be no use at all

    Love the photos too! All different yet inspiring

    Kirstie Marié


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