Tuesday, June 15

Summer Lovin'

These gorgeous nature inspired pieces have just the right amount of edginess to make me melt with oceanic dreams and summer love. Brooklyn babe Lauren Wolf's goal is to "bring together nature in form and industry in medium; to create jewelry of contrast that both complements and commands attention." After studying jewelry design in coastal Mexico, it's no wonder she's mastered the art of hanging nature on a string. From castings of sea urchins and stingray skin, anaconda bones and turtle claws, to the more delicate  heart and diamond pendents, Lauren's use of oxidized sterling silver and green gold creates an unprecedented, one of a kind blend of urban city sophistication and organic simplicity. 
Also, be sure to check out Lauren Wolf's own website here where you can find her lookbook and even more captivating little treasures from her collection like these: 

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