Monday, June 28

Neapolitan Cycling

What better way to display fashionable cycling attire than to hold a runway inside a velodrome.  Thom Browne’s Moncler Gamme Bleu Men’s S/S 2011 collection was showcased at the historic Velodromo Vigorelli football stadium during Milan Menswear Fashion Week. Although the line doesn't seem very practical at first glance, this Tour de France and Giro d'Italia inspired collection actually seems fairly well thought out. Browne has taken into consideration competitive cycling gear by adding details like zipped racing tops and shorts, extended jacket hems at the back, and even added gusseting to the tailoring to ease body movement. Even if the clothes aren't being swept off the racks by cyclists, this at least made for an interesting runway show. With Kraftwerk's "Tour de France," Queen's "Bicycle Race," and the Beatles (who actually played at the Velodrome in 1965) blasting in the background, the dozens of bicycle riding, designer clothes wearing male models made this runway a stimulating success for the senses.

Ssense, GQ Magazine

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  1. These designs are so over the top.. in a very good way!


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