Friday, June 25


Burberry's Autumn/ Winter 2010 campaign is doused with British models and musicians, including names like Nina Porter, Sam Rollinson, Charlotte Wiggins, Caspar Smyth, Douglas Booth, Gwilym Gold, Rory Cottam, Samuel Fry, Seb Brice, and Thomas Penfound, as well as model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Served up military style with a heaping side of air force inspiration and a topping of timeless innovation, this campaign urges viewers "...not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the collections, the attitude, and the emotion captured,” tells Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey in an interview with Be sure to check out the Burberry website for some kick ass interactive 360 degree looks at the collection as well.

You know, I started this post with the intent of making a comparison between this campaign and the S/S 2010 campaign with Emma Watson and the boys. I was going to say how much I missed her cute little face and how my heart would always be with her and blah blah blah. But now that I've been looking at these A/W photos for so long, I think I may actually have had a change of heart... I mean, I can at least recognize the beauties of each :)
But I will also always love Emma Watson... how could you not?
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